First Harvest of Aflasafe Maize

Doreo Partners has been working closely with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, IITA and USDA to protect Nigerian consumers from Aflatoxin, a dangerous toxin found in maize and groundnuts.   Aflatoxin is a potent  human carcinogen found primarily in tropical and subtropical regions and is a major food contaminant toxic to many animal species.  Aflatoxins may cause immune system suppression, growth retardation, liver cancer, or death in humans and livestock.  Furthermore, the negative health effects of aflatoxin are slow and gradual, making it difficult to promote the negative health impact to resource-poor farmers.


Advanced research at the IITA and USDA has led to the successful development of Aflasafe™ to combat the toxins in maize and groundnuts.  Doreo Partners is supporting the commercial manufacture of Aflasafe™ in key African regions.  This work will have two key benefits to the target customer by improving the farmer’s health and increasing incomes.  The positive impact of Aflasafe™ will reverberate throughout the agricultural value chain.


Kola Masha recently visited some of the farmers piloting the Aflasafe™ product on their maize harvests in Northern Nigeria and we are excited to observe the early success from Doreo’s work and its impact in transforming Nigerian Agriculture.


Kola Masha with Aflasafe Farmer