Importing food-Importing Inflation-Driving Poverty

 4. Importing food | Importing inflation | Driving poverty

If we do not succeed, the situation will likely only get worse

Nigeria’s unemployment challenge

Nigeria’s unemployment rate is spiraling upwards, growing at 11% per year. The youth of the nation are the most impacted, with a youth unemployment rate that is over 50%


Nigeria’s spiraling unemployment



Fig 25: Spiraling general unemployment rate growing at 16% per year



Unemployment breakdown; youth & region



Fig 26: Regional unemployment rates



Fig 27: Youth employment 3x General unemployment


  •  Our employment rate is spiraling, driven by the wave of 4 Million young people entering the workforce every year with only a small fraction able to find formal employment
  • Agriculture has demonstrated an ability to solve this challenge, as can be seen by the fact that the breadbasket region i.e. North Central, has the lowest unemployment rate in the country.



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