Initial Impact

 17. Estimated Initial Impact

What can be claimed in four years


 Much more to come….

  • Over 3.5 Million jobs withing 5 value chain rice, cassava, sorghum, cocoa and cotton, with many more jobs to come…

  • Over 300 Billion Naira (US$2 Billion) in additional income in the hands of Nigerian farmers
  • Over 350 Billion Naira (US$2.2 Billion) injected into the economy from rice self sufficiency
  • Over 60 Billion Naira (US$380 Million) injected into the economy from substituting 20% of bread wheat flour with cassava flour

  • Enable Nigeria to be food secure by increasing production of key food staples by 20 Million metric tons.

a. Rice: 2 Million metric ton

b. Cassava: 17 Million metric ton

c. Sorghum: 1 Million metric ton


High Level Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)




18. Support required from the President

Critical support required in three areas


What We Require from the President to Succeed


1. Chair the Agricultural Transformation Implementation Council and be the Face of Change

Due to the complexities involved in an agricultural transformation, no agricultural transformation has succeeded without the President being the face of change, e.g. Malawi, Thailand, India, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ghana e.t.c

2. Utilize your influence

 Leverage influence to generate support from other MDAs, legislature and state governments to support new policies and align investments.

3. Enable rapid change

 Provide special facilities and dispensations for rapid decision making and execution of transformation




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