Kola Masha speaks at Lagos Business School Breakfast Club

Speaking at the June Diet of the The Lagos Business School Breakfast Club, Kola Masha provided potential investors a number of reasons to invest in Agriculture from the perspective of an impact investor, explaining the role of impact investment in the economy in solving underlying problems.

As an impact investing firm, Doreo Partners aims at addressing the spiral growth of youth unemployment in Nigeria using Agriculture as Nigeria’s Job creation Engine – as it is labor intensive, requiring low skill and evidently ensuring high growth.

Major points buttressing the relevance of Agriculture includes the following:

  • The growing world population of 1.6 billion
  • Increasing consumption of food
  • Increasing variety of food uses.

Siting four various commodities to leverage: Cocoa, Groundnut, Cotton and Oil palm, Mr. Masha ‘s presentation highlighted the glory days of the Nigerian Agriculture sector and on and optimistic note foresees a flourishing Agriculture sector, as Biological control of Aflatoxins using Aflasafe not only rekindles hope for farmers battling crop contamination but has also opened  investment opportunities for the Agricultural sector as a whole. Also a bill proposing the legalize the use of Biotechnology in Agriculture is sure to impact tremendously on production.

As various parts of the world experience reducing water levels, Nigeria boasts of over 60 million hectares of arable land and 3 of 8 major water systems in Africa – basic requirements for a thriving Agriculture sector.

The impact investment strategy of Doreo Partner is basically to increase the profitability of small holder agriculture. Invariably, the Nigerian agriculture sector is potentially a $10billion investment, waiting to be tapped.