Nigerian Government to Curb Food Imports

Nigeria spends over 1 Trillion Naira importing wheat, rice, sugar and fish every year; products that can be produced locally. The amount can only increase as the FAO food price index is at its highest point in the history of measure, signalling an end to the era of cheap food import. Any shock in global markets will put Nigeria’s national security at a great risk.

The only panacea is to achieve a hunger-free Nigeria through an agricultural sector that drives income growth, accelerates achievement of food and nutritional security, generates employment and transforms Nigeria into a leading player in global food markets to grow wealth for millions of farmers.

The Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Akinwunmi Adesina, during a tour of State House correspondents at the National Data Centre in Abuja, reiterated that no one can sabotage the government’s efforts at making the country agriculturally self-sufficient

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