Pan-African Agribusiness Consortium (PanAAC) Launch at the Dakar Agricole

PanAAC is a private sector driven platform bringing together agribusiness and agro industry Value chains and support services to enable them access information, knowledge, strategic partnerships and financial remediation.

PanAAC’s constituents comprise of input suppliers, producer organizations, processors and packagers, logistic providers, wholesalers, retailers, financiers, exporters, and

business development providers.

PanAAC was formed at a private sector agribusiness meeting in Johannesburg, South Africa in June, 2007 followed by a consolidation meeting in Accra, Ghana (November, 2007).

It is registered as not for profit organization in Nairobi, Kenya.


Promote sustainable agribusiness in Africa through enhanced productivity and competitiveness at national, regional and global markets.


Mobilize strategic networks involved in African agribusiness & agro-industry value chain to increase growth, foster productivity, promote intra-regional trade and attract direct investment in the food system.


Mobilize and create a network involving input suppliers, producer organizations, processors and packagers, logistics providers, commodity organizations, wholesalers and retailers, financiers, Business Development Service Providers and work in partnership with researchers, policy makers, and development partners.

Source: Pan-African Agribusiness Consortium