Small Holder Farmers’ thoughts on the Babban Gona Franchise Model

Babban Gona is a Franchise Model which essentially provides small holder farmers access to required investment capital , in addition to providing a comprehensive suite of agricultural and marketing services along the entire agricultural value. This subsequently results in a dramatic increase in profitability, incomes and eventually living standards.

In a recent interview conducted (in Hausa language), a number of farmers shared their thoughts on the Doreo Project – Babban Gona. They had the following to say:

Sa’ade Lazeru

“Great Farmer, as Babban Gona rightly means, is the solution to harvest shortfall. Cultivating crop on half a hectare of farm land has produced a bumper harvest of about 20 bags of grain as against earlier results of between 5 and 10 bags of grain. Now, cultivating a larger expanse of land with the use of technology provided, I produce about 20 bags of grain. I produce a lot more. We hope Babban Gona initiative expands further past Pampaida – farmers from neighboring settlements are impressed by our results and are showing keen interest in becoming a part of this project.”

Habila Yohanna

“We refer to Babban Gona as the solution to harvest shortfall. We are grateful for this initiative and pray

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for the expansion of the Babban Gona Project so that more farmers for the benefit of farmers of neighbouring lands. It indeed has brought us good tidings.”

Ishaya Maiungwar

“Babban Gona for us here has become a thing of pride. Everyone knows we have greatly improved and are still improving. We have Babban Gona to thank for this.”

Videos courtesy Propcom Mai-karfi.