Social Capital (SOCAP) Conference, San Francisco

SOCAP is a multi-platform organization dedicated to the flow of capital towards social good. Our event series connects leading global innovators – investors, foundations, institutions and social entrepreneurs – to build this market at the intersection of money and meaning.

SOCAP10: What’s Next

In its third year, SOCAP10 was the largest interdisciplinary gathering of individuals and institutions at the intersection of money and meaning. Impact Investors, social entrepreneurs,funders, and other innovators come to SOCAP to build a movement. SOCAP 10 will sought to answer the question What’s Next? for the social capital markets.

SOCAP10 Tracks Included:

Impact Investing
Impact investing is taking off. A handful of funds that mix social impact and financial return have crossed the magic $100 million mark and major institutional wealth managers are selling them to their clients. At the same time, new research says there is $120 billion in pent up but untapped investor/donor demand for tying meaning to money. Hear from the cutting edge organizations taking a high engagement approach to entering the market and deploying capital.

Tactical Philanthropy

The full spectrum of the social capital market includes philanthropic capital. Join the Tactical Philanthropy track and explore the role of philanthropic capital in both for-profit and nonprofit social enterprises and markets. The sessions will help donors and investors bridge the illusionary gap between acts of philanthropy and market rate social impact investments. Curated by Sean Stannard-Stockton,Tactical Philanthropy

Mobile Technology

As innovation in wireless technology evolves at a staggering speed, the question remains how to best apply and harness mobile for social enterprise, responsible business strategies and positive impact. This track will bring together a range of thought leaders, from grassroots practitioners to corporate executives, for conversations about viable investment opportunities, the creation of alternate marketplaces and financial models, game-changing applications in emerging markets, and what the future holds for mobile technology.

Food Systems

The agriculture and seafood industries are in a state of crisis. Many of today’s top environmental, social, and economic problems are caused by how we produce and distribute food. Learn from industry veterans and innovators about the most promising opportunities and critical areas to make an impact in the short-term: systemic solutions for healthy ecosystems, regional foods, international trade, biotechnology, IT, and a strategy session for funders. Note: International food security & sovereignty issues will be discussed in the International Innovation track.

Innovation in International Development

The International Development landscape is continuing to evolve at an increasing pace. New business models, game-changing innovations, and rapidly integrating value chains are making developing countries increasingly competitive across a range of industries. At the same time, a growing middle class in historically poor countries is creating unprecedented demand for products and services from all over the world. Sadly, the newly created wealth is not trickling down to the poorest of the poor. Add to this mix, environmental sustainability challenges that developing countries have not had to deal with in the past. All this poses questions that are as daunting as they are exciting: What are the fastest growing industries and markets? How can this growth reach the bottom of the pyramid? Is there a tradeoff between economic growth and sustainability? What opportunities does this create for social entrepreneurs? The Transformative Innovation in International Development track will bring together leading thinkers and practitioners in an engaging conversation on these and related questions.

New Money

Funds focused on the vital, game changing but high risk seed stage startups are finally arriving. New online marketplaces, local and slow money exchanges and new ways of thinking about value are bringing the movement to the average investor. Take a deeper dive into new ways of moving money. Look at the the world of women investors and investments. Hear how energy financing is capturing an untapped opportunity by linking distributors, MFI’s and carbon markets. Learn more about different ways of structuring your business to ensure that your employees are part of your triple bottom line.

Metrics and Systems Thinking

This track is intended to look at both sides of the scale on how to design organizations, products and financing mechanisms for social impact. Hear from foundations and consultants on how to vet and advise for producing results on the ground. Gain insight from representatives of GIIN, Ande and others on thedevelopment and deployment of tools such Pulse, GIIRS and IRIS and how they are creating a universal language and set of metrics to assess social impact along a common scale.