Urgent Need for Job Creation

Our Urgent Need to Create 40 Million Jobs in Nigeria in the Next 10 years

The World Bank estimates that by 2020 there will be 100 Million Africans without jobs, with the vast majority being Nigerian youths

40 Million New Youths Entering an Oversaturated Workforce in the Next 10 Years

Projected Population Growth, Select Regions*


Nigeria’s Young Population Relative to Other Highly Populated Countries**


75 Million Nigerians Under the Age of 18*


*UNEP ** World Bank


  • Sub Saharan Africa has one of the world’s fastest growing and youngest populations creating a phenomenon known as the African Youth Bulge.
  • The African Youth Bulge is a double edge sword.
  • The youth bulge provides a significant opportunity to replicate the economic growth of Asia and North America, with a large working population supporting fewer dependents, driving an increase in disposable income.
  • Key prerequisite to economic growth is the availability of jobs.
  • In the absence of significant job creation, we can expect continued spiraling youth unemployment and associated social unrest.